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About The Project

We would like your help to better understand household issues with the maintenance and repair of home appliances and electronics in the UK. This will help develop ‘Right to Repair’ government policy and support the UK towards meeting important environmental targets.

Taking part

The first part of the project is a short survey about your opinion and behaviour towards the maintenance and repair of home appliances and electronics. The second part is an optional Logbook to share a few details about your maintenance and repair experiences. By taking part in the project, you will help us gather real life information about what impacts your motivation and ability to carry out maintenance and repair, including environmental impacts of WEEE waste, climate change and economics. Participant responses will be shared anonymously via our UK Gadget Map, Gadget Gallery and open access reports.

The team

The Big Repair Project was designed by the UCL Plastic Waste Innovation Hub, the website was developed by Ten4. This is one of several research initiatives from the UKRI Interdisciplinary Centre for Circular Metals (launched 2021), a new research centre to help the UK fully recycle and reuse its metals. The centre is led by Brunel University London, in partnership with University of Warwick and UCL.