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Launch of UCL's Big Repair Project

Launch of UCL’s Big Repair Project to better understand household issues with the maintenance and repair of home appliances and electronics and to help shape UK ‘Right to Repair’ policy.


Royal Academy of Engineering industry round-table

UK industry round table held by UCL and the Royal Academy of Engineering attended by appliance and electronics industry stakeholders, policymakers and academics.

UK Right to Repair

New UK Right To Repair law is introduced as part of new Ecodesign regulations with the aim to extend the life of electronics and appliances.

US President Biden signs executive order

US President Joe Biden signs an executive order calling on the US Federal Trade Commission to institute rules to curb anticompetitive restrictions that limit citizen's ability to repair gadgets on their own terms.

France 'Repairability Index' introduced

France’s ‘Repairability Index’ regulation comes into force with the aim of combating planned obsolescence in electronics and achieving a 60% repair rate of electrical and electronic products within 5 years.

UK exits EU

UK exits the European Union. Process of writing repair related EU directives into UK domestic law continues.


France 'Anti-Waste Bill'

France passes an ‘Anti-Waste Bill’ mandating that electronics manufacturers make a repairability index visible on their products. The index which initially applies to smartphones, laptops, TVs, washing machines, and lawnmowers, is presented as a score out of 10, with a higher number indicating a more repairable device.

US states investigate Right to Repair legislation

27 US states investigate introducing Right to Repair legislation.

EU Circular Economy Action Plan published

The EU Circular Economy Action plan sets out commitments towards circularity and resource efficiency in line with the European Green Deal and Industrial Strategy.


EU Green Deal

European Union's Green Deal contains several repair related intentions and targets.

US Right to Repair hearings

Hearings are held in 20 US states for Right to Repair throughout the year.


US DMCA exemptions widened

The US Copyright Office broadens its Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) exemptions to include voice assistants, new phones, home automation systems, tractors, and most third-party repair.


Digital Right to Repair Association launched

The Digital Right to Repair Association is launched.


US Copyright Office exemptions

The US Copyright Office grants exemptions for tractors, cars, and tablets.

US 'Fair repair' legislation introduced

The first right to repair (also known as 'fair repair') legislation is introduced in the US.

US 'Unlocking Consumer Choice' Bill

The 'Unlocking Consumer Choice' Bill is passed and signed into law making phone unlocking legal in the US.


US Automotive Right to Repair Memorandum

US Automotive Right to Repair Memorandum of Understanding is announced.

First US Digital Right To Repair Bill

The first US Digital Right To Repair Bill filed in South Dakota.


Clean Air Act requires car emissions diagnostics

Amendments to the US Clean Air Act require that every car be able to monitor its own emissions by 1996. A standardised car interface is needed, widening independent shop access to diagnostics and data.


US Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

The US federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act clarifies the definitions of warranties offered to customers by companies and aims to prevent companies avoiding their obligations under them. This includes voiding a warranty because a customer tried to fix the product, and the little stickers they use to do it.